Apple TV's USB Port Now Hacked and (Almost) Fully Functional

Up till now, the Apple TV’s USB port has been like your appendix: there, but not really doing anything. Incorrigible hackers have now figured out a way to unlock the port, letting the Apple TV use any number of different USB devices (think mice, keyboards, hard drives, etc.) On the other side is a video of Nicholas from The Last King of Scotland playing around with a newly hacked USB port.

Since its release last week, the Apple TV has been getting hacked as much as the original Xbox. New video format support, upgraded internal hard drives and now a fully functioning USB port. The hackers behind the USB port trickery are slated to post a full step-by-step in the coming days. Go west, young man, and hack the Apple TV to pieces.

Everything about Apple TV and its USB port [Awkward TV via Electronista]