More HD Content Coming To Xbox Live Video Marketplace

It’s a good day to be an Xbox 360 fanboy! Following up the announcement of the Elite this morning, Microsoft has informed us that the US Xbox Live Video Marketplace will be expanding with the addition of TV shows from A&E, ADV Films, National Geographic (boobs from around the globe and The Dog Whisperer!) and

Following the success of South Park’s HD episode, Good Times With Weapons, earlier this month (380K plus downloads to date), Paramount will be offering feature films in HD, as well. A few Paramount titles that will be available are Braveheart, Team America: World Police and World Trade Center.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is also jumping on board with its direct-to-video movies in HD on Xbox Live in conjunction with the release on DVD of Sublime and Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. This all makes complete sense because the Elite’s are equipped with a 120GB HDD. Like I said, it’s a great day to be an Xbox 360 fanboy.

Microsoft Announces New Partners for Xbox Live Video Marketplace [Daily Tech]