Microsoft Roundtable For, You Know, Roundtables

Microsoft has announced that the RingCam will now be seeing the light of day as the Roundtable. After all, who wants to touch VoIP software that is “so disruptive” that hardware suppliers won’t come within 100 yards of it? If you’re unfamiliar with the RingCam then I’ll fill you in on some details. Basically, it’s a videoconferencing device that will utilize VoIP in conjunction with a suite of telephony products that include a headset and 5.24-inch color touch-sensitive screen.

The few details that are available tell us that the package will be comprised of a basic softphone on a USB-style PC dongle that will connect to a Bluetooth headset. It makes perfect sense for Microsoft to supply its own hardware because we know there will be compatibility issues with some Bluetooth headsets. If you feel like dropping three g’s on a videoconferencing system that is bound to fail then by all means.

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