Yahoo! Debuts oneSearch Mobile Portal

Yahoo! is being aggressive with its new mobile portal, called oneSearch, and it shows. As a portal, Yahoo! knows that content is king, and that getting to said content is what Mobile 2.0 is all about. Enter oneSearch, a new page (at on your handset) that aggregates a large number of Yahoo!’s features onto one easy-to-use page, including Y! Messenger, Y! Movies, and even a handy portable version of flickr.

Even more, the service is really fast, not necessarily because the backend stuff is beefy, but rather because the content you’re looking for is grouped together in a fairly intuitive format. Finding tickets to 300 took less than 20 seconds on an EDGE connection, truly easy to use.

It’s part of the My Yahoo! service. While you could use it without logging in, you’d be doing yourself a disservice, as the system can use your preferences to speed up finding the information you’re looking for. And it’s free.

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