Toshiba HD DVD May Gain Market Share With Lowered MSRP

Lately, Blu-Ray seems to be lurching ahead with increased sales and growing appeal. But come April 1st, the tables may turn for Sony and its next-gen format. According to several retailers who posted on the AVS Forums, Toshiba will be updating its MSRP on the HD-A2 HD-DVD Player to $399, the HD-A20 to $499, and the HD-XA2 to $799.

These new prices (especially the A2’s) should lure in consumers who’ve been waiting for cheaper prices on HD-DVD players – though I don’t see the incentive when you can currently snag the HD-XA2 for $595 from online retailers. Hopefully this will give Toshiba the boost it needs to continue fighting the format war.

Toshiba drops HD DVD MSRP, effective 4/1/07 [Engadget]