Now We're Cooking With iPods

Just the other day I was praying to the iPod gods for an under-cabinet multimedia player to accommodate my iPod in the kitchen. Shazam! Philips has announced the DCD778 Docking Entertainment System for iPods, DVD, (S)VCD, MP3-CD, CD-RW and Picture CDs. The entertainment hub features an 8.5-inch widescreen LCD, built-in ATSC/NTSC TV tuner, digital FM/AM tuner, two 2-inch speakers, wireless remote, cooking timer(awesome) and clock. The DCD778 is compatible with 4G, 5G, the mini, the nano and it ships next week for around $400. Can you say “Wow a clock and iPod dock for the kitchen!” No, probably not.

Philips intros iPod-ready LCD-TV kitchen system [iLounge]