Google Closes Adscape Deal, Plans Google Ads for Games

Google today confirmed that it has acquired in-game adhouse Adscape Media, though it didn’t give up much other detail, including terms and prices. Google is aggressive with its ads, as that’s the only real revenue the search giant has, and if you think they’re ubiquitous now, wait until the merger is complete.

Adscape has several key patents, this acquisition is all about IP. With the technology developed by Adscape, Google can place its ads in any online video game dynamically, using input from the users browser, score, level, or any combination thereof, allowing a player to get a bonus pack for their in-game persona by clicking a sponsored link, for example.

The good news is that current customers and partners of Adscape will be taken into the Google fold with their current terms. While Google won’t comment on the pricetag, Red Herring has valued the deal at over $23 million.

Google Confirms Adscape Buy [Reuters @ Red Herring]