Pantech Maglev Floats And Amazes…I Think

Amidst the recent and much needed surge of mobile phones shedding weight. Pantech hopes to stand out with their newest phone that employs magnetic levitation. Maglev, as it’s called, basically allows an object to hover over another object without any physical contact and is held in place by the magnetic fields. Most slider phones are designed with springs, which make them fatty and quite hideous…I guess.

Anywho, the Pantech is lean and mean at only 9.9mm, which beats out Samsung’s anorexic Ultra Editions. It features a 1.3-megapixel camera, MP3 player and T-DMB. Pantech plans to launch the phones in SK next month, but there is no official word on price yet. If it does well in SK Pantech plans to bring it overseas. Yippy!

The Korea Times