Canon's PowerShot TX1: A True Hybrid Camera

Along with the Sony Cybershot DSC-G1, Canon’s $499 PowerShot TX1 was one of the more innovative new compact models shown off at this year’s PMA convention. You’ve probably seen and read the details on this compact beauty that shoots high-def video (1,280×720) at 30fps and captures 7.1-megapixel stills through its 10X optical zoom lens that works whether you’re shooting video or stills. Of course, the file sizes are huge when shooting at full 720p resolution (roughly 512MB is needed to store 1 minute and 42 seconds of video). But, the camera does take large-capacity SDHC cards.

The camera’s been announced for a little while now and you can check Canon’s site for full specs and features. There is a bunch of photos from almost every angle (sorry, the bottom was kinda boring so we didn’t shoot it). Needless to say, it was one of our favorite cameras from the show. Sturdy, compact and feature-laden, the PowerShot TX1 is hopefully only the start of seeing cameras that can shoot great video and stills in one very small package.

The 1.8-inch screen can be rotated to a see from just about anywhere and folded flat with the screen facing out or in.

It’s a small screen, just big enough to see what you’re shooting.

That’s the shutter release on the front right. At the back is a print/share button.

The lens slides back inside the body and a cover automatically slides across to shield the lens when the camera is turned off.

Right side. We initially thought it might be too small to get a good, steady grip on the camera, but it’s actually pretty easy to hold in either the left or right hand.

The zoom control is perfectly placed. The remaining controls are similar to what you’d find on other PowerShots or other digital cameras in general.