Kodak's Newest Long Zoom: EasyShare Z712 IS

PMA 2007 is the first time Kodak is publicly showing its newest 12X optical zoom camera, the $299.95 7.1-megapixel EasyShare Z712 IS. Probably its most impressive feature is the click-to-capture time of .26 seconds. And while I didn’t time it, it was incredibly fast despite the showfloor unit being a pre-production model.

Kodak used a higher-end Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lens up front in this model, something we were assured by the rep we spoke with was more than just a branding thing. In back you’ll find a nice 2.5-inch LCD or there’s a electronic viewfinder (EVF).

A view from the top.
The camera was surprisingly lightweight, but still sturdy feeling, and the grip was a good fit for operating the controls. Though, I can’t imagine it being an easy adjustment for a left-handed user.

The key selling points.