HTC Hints at Merger with Sony-Ericsson; We Call BS

While our Swedish is quite rusty, we live in the future, which means web-based translators are readily available. From what we can tell, Peter Chou, CEO of faves HTC, said in an interview that he thinks a merger between HTC and Sony-Ericsson would be a good fit. Also, he says OJ killed Anna Nicole, but that could just be a metaphor.

Why? The benefits are obvious: HTC does a very good job making low-cost, feature rich smartphones, and Sony-Ericsson has a foothold in the musicphone market, as well as brand recognition HTC can’t match. And, as Mr. Chou points out, they’re growing at about the same rate.

Sadly, it’s not going to happen. while a Symbian UIQ smartphone in any HTC form factor makes us drool, the Ericsson half of SE has far too much invested in Symbian to get together with a company with such a hard on for Windows Mobile.

So we must say this to Mr. Chou: Instead of Sony-Ericsson, I can get you the number for a friend of mine who works for Palm. That’ll do, man. That’ll do nicely.

HTC wants to merge with Sony-Ericsson and make babies [GearFuse]