Jim Allchin Retires, Checks Email, Leads Masses to Vista

, retired on January 30 and is now posting in his dotage as he putters around the house playing guitar and looking at cereal.

After 17 years of hard-core programming, it’s kind of silly to see this guy posting to his Vista blog in a manner not befitting the guy that ordered a bunch of pale programmers to make an Aero “Glass” interface, but it’s nice that Bill didn’t have his password changed to “solongjimyousuxor.”

The best part?

Went to check out the Apple store at University Village to see what all of the hype was about. Ended up demoing Windows Vista for all of the employees (and a few customers). All they could say was “Wow.” Ended up leading a group of them over to BestBuy to help them pick out new PCs with Windows Vista pre-loaded. Need to go to the Bellevue store

He gets $5 for every person he makes say “Wow.”

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