Asia Gets First 4G Network as Shanghai Leapfrogs Past 3G

you’ve also got the world’s first active 4G mobile network. Thanks!

Yah, we know that your handsets on the Chinese network in Shanghai can now get up to 100MB/s (!?) for streaming video in HD. We know that video calling is part of the package, too. We heard you when you said that phone-based email servers might even be possible, among other things. You don’t need to brag.

Thing is, what good is 4G in Shanghai when the rest of the China is yet to have access to 3G because of regulatory hurdles? HA! Take that, fancy-pants! Sure, we’re stuck with 728Kb/s down, but I can get that anywhere from sea to shining sea here! Get that, Asia? Even Alaska! The populated areas, anyway.

Report: China’s 4G wireless launch leapfrogs 3G [ZDnet News]