Palm OS-Based Treos Finally Get Direct Push Support for Exchange

If any of you are business users on the fence about a Palm OS-based smartphone (read: Treo) vs. a Blackberry because of Palm’s lack of push-email support can finally make the jump. Palm today has announced an upgrade for the 700p and 680 models of the popular Treo that grant it push email syncing capabilities with Microsoft Exchange.

The lack of the feature has led many away from the Palm OS camp, and Palm is hoping that the software upgrade, free from its site starting Monday, will change that. What’s not clear, however, is what will happen to the future of the Treos based on the Palm OS, as upcoming incarnations of the software are confusingly now named Garnet OS, and there is no foreseeable Garnet Treos in the near future.

The update will be available as an OTA download for 700p and 680 users only, we 650 die hards are again left out in the cold.

Direct Push Microsoft Exchange Update for Palm OS [Palm InfoCenter]