2007 Puts iPods in Half of All Cars

I have a Belkin iPod car kit in my Kia that allows me to bump and rock to the Arcade Fire through my Alpine system as I drive to and from rehab. I installed it myself, and it was fairly straight forward, though it was a pain in the ass.

If you’re an iPod owner in the market for a car now, however, you’re in much better shape, as over half of the models available in America in the 2007 model year come standard with iPod integration. And I don’t mean MP3 integration, the manufacturers are advertising the features with the iPod brand.

Of course, this seems to be because of iPod’s 75% market share, but I think the real allure is the iPod brand itself. By positioning the words “Ford Focus” next to the word “iPod”, suddenly Ford’s cachet is paid for by Apple. We all win.

Half of 2007 models to support iPod integration [HT Lounge]