Windows Home Server: Up Close And Personal

So check it. I’m at the Waggener-Edstrom blogger lounge at the Venetian and they’ve got the highly-anticipated Microsoft Windows Home Server. This cylindrical, glowing piece of machinery is basically an easy to use, plug ‘n play server for the family. You can share all your movies, pictures, music, files, etc. with up to 10 users wirelessly and can access your files anywhere in the world via a free personalized domain.

A rep tells us that the device has internal drives, but the storage capacity differs. Microsoft is actually using these as OEM devices and customizing them to different manufacturers needs. HP is releasing their version in Q2 this year with a storage capacity between 500GB and 1TB. There’s also four USB ports and three extra drive bays in case you pirate you run out of storage. Price? Rumors are that it’ll be in the $500-ish zone.

(pictured is Microsoft’s working version – the design isn’t confirmed)