Smartvue S4 Wireless Draft-N IP Cam Peeps With Better Range

Wireless Draft-N stuff is fun. IP cameras are fun, too. So it makes sense that combining the two would be a good time all the way around. Smartvue, the IP video software and hardware solutions company, agrees and to prove it, it’s launched the Smartvue S4C550, a vandal- and weather-resistant outdoor IP video camera that features long range 802.11 Draft-N wireless connectivity.

This means you can set up one of these cameras like a quarter of a mile away from the base station and record video using H.264 video compression (less storage space needed) and at DVD-quality resolution. You can access the cameras by PC or cell phone and receive motion detection alerts through e-mail or SMS message.

Getting started ain’t cheap, though. The main unit that connects up to 10 cameras and has a 250GB hard drive for storage is $2,795 and a single camera is $1,295. Thankfully, purchasing them is risk-free since Smartvue will give you a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Smartvue S4