Samsung Does It Again

Samsung has just released the thinnest HSDPA slider ever! HSDPA?!? That’s right the Z720 or the Ultra Edition 13.8 is revved up by High-Speed Downlink Packet Access that allows for some wicked fast data transfers clocking in at 1.8 Mbps which is said to be 6 times faster than 3G UMTS. According Samsung the Z720 is set apart from the rest of the market because it will give users much greater quality for streaming video content and the ability to access more files than any other PDA.

Now the nitty gritty, check all your favorite shows or pictures on a 2.1-inch QVGA screen via microSD slot or surf the net with its HTML and WAP 2.0 capabilities. An MP3 player supporting AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+/WMA. A nice 3 megapixel camera allows you to take all those upskirt shots around the office or take video of the office manager taking shots on her break and even has a second camera for teleconferencing which we’ll never see here and both Bluetooth and USB come standard. This thing is pretty kick-ass and I wouldn’t mind having one for myself and you won’t either once I give you a few more details. This will be the first mobile with pre-installed Google mobile search and Gmail. It even has its own icon on the menu screen. How badass is that? The Ultra Edition 13.8 also comes with Samsung’s uGo and uTrack. The interface on the uGo makes me want to wet myself because it uses all sorts of black magic to automatically adjusts itself depending on where you are by displaying a city landmark near you, adjusting picture to represent night or day and automatically adjusts the time ensure you’re not late for that meeting two time zones ahead. The uTrack is kinda cool…I guess. If you like upping your odds of tracking down your stolen mobile that is. It does this via a SMS message sent to a predetermined number to alert you of changes to the SIM card as well as location. But you have to be into that sort of thing.

While it’s only available in Europe at the moment I do hope Samsung will bring a version of the this to the US because it would kick much ass.

It’s just not fair!!! [Samsung]