Solar Power in Her Purse

Being that I’m a geek, I think of gadgets when it’s time to find a gift for my sweetie. Unfortunately, gadgets are generally geared towards guys, some exceptions being cell phones and the iPod. But there are meta-gadgets out there, devices that work with those we already have, expanding their usefulness. And, sometimes, they’re totally girl-friendly

This solar mobile phone charger is just such a device. Looking like a cosmetics or make-up case (or a “compact”, as I’ve been told it’s called), the charger opens up to collect solar rays, which it uses to charge up your girl’s phone, since they can rarely be trusted to keep it charged themselves (jay-kay, girls!).

What’s even better is that at Global Sources, you can buy them in cases of 10, meaning you can give one to every chick in your little black book directory of your smartphone for less than $20 a pop. Stuff it in their stockings on Xmas morning, and you can always stay connected.

Soloar Mobile Phone Charger [Global Sources]