Voxtel's Latest Camera (with Smartphone Built-In!)

. The W740 from Voxtel, however, is a potential contender.

Sporting a 240×320 touchscreen, 4-megapixel camera (!?), and Bluetooth, the slim, understated smartphone is exactly what a smartphone should be for most people: simple. No WiFi, but I’m guessing it supports UMTS/HSDPA, so that’s not really an issue.

If the handset is as good as it looks, I’m tempted. Fortunately for our Treo, this device isn’t headed to the US. Again, the Asians have all the cool toys. But we have Vin Diesel and that’s gotta be worth something. Right?

Voxtel W740 with 4-Megapixel Camera [Aving.net]