Flippid Matches Gear With Geeks, Free


Flippid is a different take on online person-to-person sales, utilizing both the instant-gratification of Craigslist and the navigation and searching of eBay, and adding a little Web 2.0 tagging action to boot.

Sellers simply post an item they’re offering and how much they want for it. If a buyer likes the product and price, he/she can buy it right there. If not, the “BuyOff” option allows the buyer to indicate the price he/she is willing to pay for the product. If another seller has the item, and likes the offered price, then they’re automagically matched up. Sort of a reverse auction, similar to the way sites like Priceline work. If everything seems mutually satisfactory, then the transaction plays out like any other, and you’re gawd-awful Disko case is on its way. In addition, your BuyOff can be tracked via RSS, so you can see what others are paying for the item you want, and what offers come through. Very modern.

We like the idea of peer-to-peer marketing, and the idea of putting the pricing power in the hands of the buyers. Sadly, there’s not much of a selection just yet, but it’s still a new site; a new site with a great idea, so that’s bound to change. If things go well, it should be a great place to find the gadgets we talk about here by this time next year. It’s also free to try until the end of this year, so feel free to get your feet wet.

Flippid [Flippid.com (beta, of course)]