New LG Includes Touchscreen, Mysteries

When Apple releases the iChat Mobile (or, ya know, iPhone, or whatever), many of us blundits (blogger-pundits) expect it to feature a touchscreen of some sort. There aren’t as many touchscreen-enabled phones as one would think, given that the technology has gotten less expensive in the last few years.

Save for certain smartphones, we don’t see them on many handsets, the Sony-Ericsson Z558 being an exception. That’s why we were thrilled – thrilled! – to see these photos of the LK850 from LG. Except for a couple hardware rockers at the bottom, the phone is apparently controlled via the touchscreen front.

This means that the interface can switch dynamically depending on what the user is doing with the phone, and we’d guess virtual QWERTY for txting, but as we have nothing but a photo and model number to go on, that’s all rampant conjecture.

LG KE850 Slim Touchscreen Phone [SlashGear]