Wii Contest For Bloggers

Too lazy (or poor) to wait outside of Best Buy for hours trying to get a Wii? No worries, the official blog of wHooiz.com is giving away a Nintendo Wii for free (rhyming makes me feel good about myself). All you have to do is get over to the wHooiz blog and make your own profile.

The wHooiz blog is basically a listing site that allows you to look up other peoples’ profiles, and read their biographies. The site is just starting out, so you won’t find too much on it yet, but if it takes off it might be a solid reference we can use to find out more information about a certain individual who isn’t prominent enough to be listed on something like Wikipedia (Edit: or Myspace or Facebook – Blake).

After you have a wHooiz profile, you have to put the wHooiz widget on your blog and email customer service to let them know you’re all signed up. Not too bad now, is it? Who knows, maybe you’ll meet some hot chicks that like your profile. Er, maybe not.

Nintendo Wii Giveaway [wHooiz blog]