The Villain Chair: Direct Henchmen in Style

Blofeld, Darth Vader, Dr. Evil, Lex Luthor, Dr. Claw. These were some of the absolutely lethal and diabolical bad guys from a few of our favorite films. The share evil genius, plans of total conquest, and slick knavish style. One common element of that style is the iconic Villain Chair.

Made of dark leather on a menacing frame, the Villain Chair is enough to make anyone feel like a super bad guy. We like to imagine our editors slowly rotating in their’s as they feed lesser bloggers to ravenous alligators or perhaps forcing them to watch as their homeworlds are destroyed. The tricky part would be the setting. Sure, on the stark black and white product site, it looks very impressive, but we have a feeling if we relocated it to, say, my trashed, cramped apartment, it would look sorely out of place.

That makes us think that someone (Ikea’s evil twin brother, whom looks just like Ikea, but with a goatee) should come out with a whole line of evil-looking furniture. We’d buy that for sure, if our signif’s would let us, that is. Which, ya know, they wouldn’t.

Villain Chair [Suck.UK]