MusicJam Adds Recording to Karaoke Offering, Sales of Earplugs Set to Soar

CrunchGear likes karaoke. For reals. Nothing gets our teamworkometer cranked up like seeing Raj on stage belting out Journey, except Brad Pitt’s abs in “Fight Club,” but that’s just Vince. But we must take issue with the MusicJam iPod karaoke machine.

We’ve seen iPod karaoke before, but this desk-top unit also acts as a recorder, so that after you’re done ruining Bon Jovi (edit: I wasn’t aware that Bon Jovi was at a high enough point from which is could be “ruined.” – Blake), you can share it with the world. But, like many things in life, the lesson here is that just because you can, it doesn’t mean that you should.

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