Squirrel-proof Rollerfeeder

If you’re one of those birdwatching types who gets all agitated when squirrels defile your precious bird feeder, then consider the Rollerfeeder from Solutions, Inc. It is essentially exactly what it sounds like. The feeder is suspended by two bars. When weight it placed on an end of the feeder, it rolls, flinging your squirrel assailant into the great abyss (aka the grass).

Being from Louisiana, I’ve come to realize something: nothing is squirrel-proof. Sure it might thwart the little bastards for a few days, but eventually they’ll figure it out. Mark my words, the $79.95 Rollerfeed might protect your precious bird feed for a week or two, but after that, it’s back to the drawing board. They’re unstoppable, seriously.

Product Page [via OhGizmo!]