Steven Levy, Jupiter Research Gets in On Zune Bashing

Who is a poor gadget guru to believe? Microsoft and Zune fans are saying that the Zune is so hot that it’s making babies with Angelina Jolie but Michael Gartenberg and Steven Levy, two gadget wonks with a high standing in the tech community, are saying it’s horrible. It’s enough to drive a body to drink!

Gartenberg says that the Zune is ugly and should have used flash. Levy, who is flogging his new book (read it, by the way, it’s really good) believes that MS’s payment of $1 per Zune sold sets a horrible precedent and that old media gurus are a bunch of morons.

Both of these fellows are fairly well respected, if a bit late to the Zune-bashing table. But it’s definitely nice to see old timers like Levy get out his clobberin’ hammer once in a while.

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