Lexmark Adds Wireless + Duplex Printing to All-In-Ones

These days, buying a regular printer sucks. You can get an all-in-one style machine that also scans and copies and faxes and makes coffee and spays your cat for not much more than a standard inkjet. They’re pretty boring, however, the design and feature sets being fairly static.

Lexmark, though, has put out a unit that grabs our attention. The X9350 has two features that make it stand out: built-in WiFi and duplex printing.

The WiFi makes it easy for a whole small office to share without a dedicated print server (it’s built-in), which any IT manager would love. The duplex printing means sending the job once and having the printer print on both sides of the paper, automagically. If pro-looking results are important (or saving paper), then it’s a no-brainer. And, at $279, it’s priced about the same as other all-in-one office machines. If it came with a hot intern, we’d pick one up now.

Lexmark X9350 [Product Page]