Comedy Central Shows Appear On IFilm

If you were disappointed about Comedy Central demanding YouTube pull all clips of “The Daily Show” and “Colbert Report” from its site, rejoice. Viacom-owned (a recent acquisition) is now posting three-minute clips of the shows, totaling up to most if not all of the entire show that aired. And it’s posting them the day after the episodes originally air. True, this isn’t nearly as convenient as paying for the entire episode from Apple’s iTunes Store, but hey, it’s free.

IFilm hasn’t been publicizing the availability of the clips, as it did the other shows it’s getting from Viacom such as “The Real World” and “Reno 911.”

AtomFilms, which was also recently acquired, relaunches today with three Web-only programs from Comedy Central’s Motherload network and is forming a similar relationship with the Spike network.

Viacom sibs share ‘Show’ [variety]