Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux: Shouldn't They Have Done this Four Years Ago?

CIO Magazine is apparently going through their assignment backlog and decided to put together a hefty tome on the differences between Windows, Linux, and OS X. Hmmmm… With gems like this:

He prefers OS X’s security, reliability and simple user interface over that of XP. And though he still has high hopes for running a version of Linux that is reliable and full-featured, he hasn’t found an OS that’s up to the task.

You’d hope CIO Magazine had read through the literature and discovered that this is essentially what people have been saying since Mrs. Jobs pushed Steve out into the world all those many moons ago. But no, they continue with lines like:

After three months of experimentation and comparison,
Halamka concluded that his dream machine is a Dell D420 notebook that runs OS X. Unfortunately, such a machine doesn’t currently exist out of the box.

And make me throw up a little in my mouth. Feh.

Windows vs. Linux vs. OS X [CIO]