Swann's Digital Private Eye Is Watching You. Sinner.

Swann, maker of many many D-I-Y security products for the home and office, launched today the Digital Private Eye video camera and recorder. Running on a power cable or 9V battery (both included), the camera takes shots whenever the motion detector is tripped, recording up to 30,000 images to a 1GB SD card (not included).

When you’re ready to view your photos, just pop out the card or connect the device via USB cable to your PC. The camera can be used as a Web cam too, recording up to 30 frames per second directly to your computer.

No, it’s not very attractive; it’s designed to look like a real alarm PIR (passive infra-red) device. Which makes sense because you really don’t want to draw a lot of attention to the camera. What it is though, is inexpensive: Just $199.

Swann Digital Private Eye [product site]

PS~Sorry if this post gets Hall & Oates’ “Private Eyes” stuck in your head. Don’t blame me, I didn’t name the thing. But I did post the video, so you can blame me for that.