DSMIDIWiFi: Nintendo DS Wireless MIDI Controller

This is totally mind-blowing. Some guys have developed a way to use the Nintendo DS as a MIDI controller wirelessly. DSMIDIWiFi uses the Nintendo DS’ touch screen as a controller and sends the signals wirelessly to a host program on your computer, like Garageband, Ableton Live, or whatever you use for creating music. The creators have written three different programs for your musical pleasure and they work as follows:

  • DS MIDI Keyboard acts as a MIDI keyboard, including pitch wheel / MIDI control adjustment by sliding the stylus vertically/horizontally.
  • Kaos DS is an XY controller similar to the Kaoss pad. You can use the stylus or your fingers to adjust MIDI controls.
  • Pulse DS turns the DS into a MIDI synthesizer that uses the DS’s PSG (programmable sound generator) to produce Game-Boy-like sounds.

    Imagine being able to use a Nintendo DS like a Korg Kaoss pad. Ambient noise and fluid control all with your DS and a stylus. Amazing stuff. This is one of the best homebrew applications of the Nintendo DS that I’ve seen. Check out their page to stay up to date with development.

    DSMIDIWiFi [Official Site via Gizmag]