Axion iPTV Anywhere Box and Wireless Monitor Allow Seamless Streaming Of Magnum P.I. Episodes Around House

Guess what kiddies: we have ourselves yet another product with the letter “I” dropped to a lowercase in the product name. This time around, the culprit is Axion’s iPTV system. Consisting of a box and mobile monitor, this thing is very similar to Sony’s LocationFree jawn. A hardwired box hooks up to your broadband internet connection and streams television and programming to a little handheld device.

According to this beautiful diagram pictured above, the iPTV wireless monitor has a 7-inch widescreen display – not too shabby. Controls are on the sides of the device and in case your Internet goes out, you can use the included SD card slot or USB port for viewing movies. Pretty sweet deal. No word yet on pricing, but don’t expect a bargain on this device.

AxioTV via Engadget