Nintendo Wii: Graphical Difference With Component Cables

The Nintendo Wii has some serious problems when it comes to graphics on a HDTV, especially when it come to text. Since The Legend of Zelda doesn’t have any voice overs, the game requires lots and lots of reading. This becomes difficult when using the bundled composite cables to hook your Wii up to a HDTV. Textures look undefined, text is blurry and the world itself doesn’t look so hot . Along with many others, I’ve been trying to get my hands on component cables for the Wii, which happened to be sold out everywhere. You can pick up the cables on Ebay, but not without paying $100+ for them. The big question people have been asking, is if the component cables will actually make a big enough difference on a HDTV. The short answer is: Yes. Though the pictures don’t do the component cables justice, wiinintendo says you’ll need to see the game in motion to see how much of a difference component cables actually make. At least in the title screen (pictured above) the text is clean enough to read without squinting (component cable screen is on the left). More screenies below.

  • Component on the left, Composite on the right

  • Nintendo Wii: Graphical Difference With Component Cables [wii nintendo]