Mad Catz Adds GameStick To 360 Accessory Lineup

I’m going to assume that the Arcade GameStick for Xbox 360 from Mad Catz doesn’t shake uncontrollably as pictured above. At least, the company doesn’t mention it as a feature. What it does do is add traditional joystick flava to your Xbox 360 gaming experience.

The GameStick features a “360°spinner control” that “allows for all new types of gaming experiences.” (So, maybe it does shake/vibrate uncontrollably?) The officially licensed controller is designed to enhance your Xbox Live Arcade gaming experience and To prove it, Mad Catz buddied up withKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc. and PopCap Games to bundle three full Xbox Live Arcade games with the Stick: Frogger, Time Pilot and Astropop.

It also comes with a free Xbox Live Gold trial membership and is USB PC compatible. We reported on the pre-order-ness of the GameStick a bit ago, but the company’s site now has an onsale date of December 19 at a price of $49.99.

Mad Catz Arcade GameStick for Xbox 360 [product page]