I hardly even drink canned drinks, but I want one of these things. It’s a mini-’50s-vintage-looking vending machine. The device stores 10-cans, two per shelf, and dispenses them at your pleasure.

It can cool to 30-degrees below its external temperature and can be powered by either AC or DC. Which means you can stick one on your dashboard so you can have cold beer while you’re driving.

Then again it does measure 25.5-inches x 16.5 inches x 9-inches and weighs 18-pounds empty. So maybe a dashboard isn’t the best place for it. Unless of course you want an 18-pound refrigerated flying across your car every time you hit the breaks.

Well whatever you decide, you can get the Drink-O-Matic Refrigerated 10-Can Dispensing Machine (you have to refer it like that every time you speak of it) for $149.95 from Sharper Image.

Product Page [via Uncrate]