Verizon Gets Windows Mobile for New Clamshell Smartphone

<img src=" Trek, the 802 has most of the same features as the GSM phone: a 320×240 main screen, full color secondary screen, Bluetooth, microSD, 1.3-megapixel camera, and a slim flip form factor. The Pantech, however, also includes EV-DO for wireless broadband, at speeds that smoke the 3125's EDGE speeds.

While a worthy competitor, the 802 still has the indignity of being tied to Verizon, the carrier known for disabling popular features on its phones (like Bluetooth file transfer), forcing its customers to use its costlier data services for those tasks. That being said, we're still not yet sure if this phone will suffer as others before it have. Otherwise, it's a fine smartphone for those who read email more than they write it. Look for it after Xmas, but before 2007.

WinMo in a Clamshell [Mobile Mag]