IXOS Disco Cube Gets Down Tonight

If you used to be into prog rock then moved on to disco, boy have we got the product for you. The IXOS Disco Cube is a pretty rad looking cube with multiple colored sides that will flash lights to the beat of your music when synced up to your iPod. Though it’s a bit expensive at $142, think about how relaxing this will be when you take your next acid trip while listening to the 180th Ministry of Sound Trance mix.

Oh, and just in case you went the other way when buying an MP3 player, the Disco Cube supports other, non-iPod devices via a 3.5mm input jack. Now go buy one and get your groove on hipster.

IXOS Disco Cube Flashes to the Rhythm of your Ipod’s Music [Cheap Chick via Gizmodo