iFrogz To Open Mall Kiosks Around The US

Personally, I think iFrogz makes some of the best cases for the iPod today. You can customize the living hell out of them, the price isn’t too exorbitant, and they have speedy shipping and excellent customer service. Well they must be doing something right, because today iFrogz announced it would be opening 15 new kiosks in malls around the US to sell their cases at. They’ll be starting in Western and Midwestern states and working their way to the east coast. Now extremely bored teenagers iPod owners will be able to go to their local mall and customize an iPod case to their liking. As far as I’m aware, iFrogz is the first iPod-case manufacturer to open kiosks in malls in the US. Nice work iFrogz, you done right.

iFrogz [Official Website]