Drive-by Video Of Video Game Campers

The Hole – video powered by Metacafe

A lot of us realize that some of you are diehard gamers and will wait outside a long time for a PS3. That’s great and all, but when it’s pouring rain outside and there are supposedly “wind gusts of up to 60mph”, you’re just an idiot for standing out there. Zatz has posted a great video of a drive-by filming of these hooligans camping out in hopes of getting their sweaty, Cheetos encrusted palms on a PS3 and/or a Wii. Some guy in line even sold his number two spot for a cool $700. At least the people waiting in line have bonded together to share common necessities like oral sex food, shelter, and heat. Way to go guys, maybe when you all get the flu, you can sit on someone’s couch and play Genji together.

The Great Playstation3 Campout [Zatz Not Funny]