Dual Wireless DVD Player for Lovers, Kids

If you’re lonely, don’t read any further. This product isn’t for you “live at home in Mom’s basement kind of geeks” like Vince. No, this device is for couples, people in love. You might have seen them on your TV. Maybe you pine about being part of one. Maybe you are, but that would really be weird.

Anyway, the dual-audio out on this portable DVD player from Hammacher Schlemmer (we love that name) is wireless, not your standard dual-jack job. This means that not only do you get audio for two people (without the loss of volume you get when you use a splitter), but you also don’t have the distractions of your partners wires in front of the screen. We hate that.

This would also be great for roadtrips with kids, as you could shut them the hell up without having to hear Nemo or Buzz Lightyear or Leatherface while on your way to the orphanage.

The Dual Wireless Headphone Portable DVD Player
[Hammacher Schlemmer]