Candy + Video Games = WonkaZoid

Oh wow. The new WonkaZoid is not only a colossal waste of plastic and electronics, it’s the perfect thing to keep your brats children quiet while you wander around Wal-Mart. According to the Willy Wonka Candy Factory company, the WonkaZoid are the “ultimate combination of the two things tweens love most, candy and video games.” Hand-held, refillable candy dispensers with a video game built in. Genius.

The introductory series of WonkaZoid includes four varieties to collect and play: Grape Strawberry NERDS comes with the NERDS Hockey game, starring the Oompa Loompas; new Sour NERDS is partnered with the NERDS Freeze Tag game; SWEETARTS is teamed up with the SweeTarts Oompa Candy Flip game; and SWEETARTS Shockers is tied to the ever-challenging SweeTarts Shockers Shockball Showdown game.

They come with stickers too, so you can “trick out” your WonkaZoid. They’ll hit stores shortly for $4.99 – $6.99. You should totally get this for your kids instead of a PS3 or Wii. They’ll likely beat you to death with it while they’re on a sugar high from the candy, but hey, think of all the money you’d have saved.

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