Apple In Talks to Intro iPod Dock Connectors to Airlines

. Sure, there are last-resort portable chargers, but they’re bulky and a pain to carry around. Apple apparently feels your pain. Instead of increasing the capacity of the iPods pedestrian battery, its struck a deal with many airlines to include iPod chargers on the seatbacks of many of their flights. Not only will the chargers provide power to your iPod when they launch in 2007, but they’ll also work with the seatback display, allowing you to watch your iPod’s video content on the larger screen.

This means you can load up a full season of Gilmore Girls to get the goat of the grandma next to you for the whole flight. Or, alternatively, you could use your iPod to play music, something novel. All jokes aside, this is great for those of us who travel often and use Audible to keep up with our reading. There are more than one of us, right?

Look for the service to launch with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United first, with other airlines likely to follow, as Apple is working with the hardware vendors to make this a standard feature. Planned Zune ports? Not so much.

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