SOYO GoVideo Dual LCD Monitor Line Will Change Your Life

Okay, so maybe it won’t change your life, but it can at least make your work a little easier for not too much money. The displays feature either two 17- or 19-inch panels, have high native resolutions of 2,560 x 1,024 with 8ms response times and support up to 16.7 million display colors. And they have integrated GoVideo stereo speakers, which is good ’cause these’ll take up enough desk space as is.

Another fun feature: The screens can be turned out so their backs face each other and the display signal duplicated. So if you’re playing a game with multiple people, they can view the same game on their own screen.

They’re reasonably priced as well, with the 19-inch GVLM1928 MSRP’d at $1,199 and the 17-inch GVLM1728 listed at $999.

SOYO GoVideo Dual 19-inch LCD Monitor
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