Motorla Q Pro to Vodafone, Plus Hungarian Photo Goodness

If you’re an avid CrunchGear reader, and we know you are, then you’ll recall a few weeks ago we brought you news that Motorola has plans for its popular Q smartphone that include a second, upgraded model called the “Q Pro.” We told you about the differences between the Q and the Q Pro (mostly involving BlackBerry-like enterprise support), but now we find news (from the same tipster that gave us the Amp’d news earlier,) that the redesigned (if somewhat thicker) Q Pro (codename: Norman) will hit Vodafone first. We’re not sure when, exactly, but fairly soon, and a Hungarian (!?) website has the scoop.

This also means that Moto is probably ready to unleash the GSM version of the Q (or the Q Pro) that is rumored to be going to Cingular early next year. Cingy is planning on positioning the Q (or, more likely, Q Pro) as a low-cost Treo alternative, as well as a foil to the T-Mobile Dash.

We’ll give you more as we get it, but for now look at these great photos. And, if you can read Hungarian, which you should be able to, you can get the story for yourself.

Motorola Q for Vodafone []