Mobio Brings Web 2.0 Theory to Handsets for Movie Lovers

If you’re a mobile geek who actually uses your handset for things besides calling your grammy, and if you like watching movies in theaters (instead of from Limewire, you pirate), then have a look at Mobio.

Mobio mashes up movie show times, theater listings, maps and directions, and reviews into a central interface. You search for your movie, find your directions, and buy your tickets, all from your handset, with minimal data entry on your part. It’s slick, your default location and other prefs are stored on its network, meaning it’s easy to use, which is key to any mobile app.

It’s a stand-alone application that you load onto your phone, not a service you get to via your phone’s browser. And we mean cellphone, not smartphone: the application works on the RAZR and a few of Samsung’s thin phones.

Unfortunately the service is limited to Sprint and Cingular customers for now, though Verizon and T-Mobile support is on the horizon. We think bringing the Web 2.0 mash-up philosophy to handsets is a fantastic idea, and this likely won’t be the only product to do use it.

Get Mobio [Product Page]