OSIM iGallop, Get Fit and Look Like a Jackass

So this morning Brookstone sent us a holiday gift guide and this is the first product in it. “For the Fitness Buff,” comes the OSIM iGallop Core & Abs Exerciser. The machine works by compelling your body to compensate for its wild motions (like riding a bull or something). As the saddle moves in different directions, certain core muscles are, hopefully, stimulated in order to keep you from landing on your head.

The iGallop features three intensities: trot, gallop and race. A fourth option switches randomly through the three. And for those of you with false hips and other crazy injuries, possibly caused by falling from the iGallop, will be pleased by the iGallop’s zero-impact (unless you count flailing off the iGallop into the floor as impact) workout action.

It’s available now from Brookstone for $499 with no payments for up to 90 days! I’m sure my parents have already ordered one.

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