Asus W6 and S6 Leather Laptops

Ah yes. Ricardo Montalban and and his “rich corinthian leather” has made their way onto your laptop in these Asus W6 and S6 series machines. The laptops have 13.3-inch widescreen displays, and features leather so “genuine”, it comes with “markings such as scars, wrinkles and grain variation.” No leather substitute here.

The W6 laptops can be mounted in Core Duo or Core 2 Duo varities, whereas the S6 laptops are Core Duo L2300 and L2400. Even with the leather, they weigh only 3.02 pounds (3.3 with the six cell battery). Something else with leather that will be light is your wallet, after paying $2,705 for these cow-covered-babies (hopefully not baby-cow-covered-babies).

ASUS W6 and S6 laptops dress up in Genuine Leather [Luxury Launches via NewLaunches]