Imation Wants You To Know Where Your Next-Gen HD Discs Come From

So you say you’ve heard of these newfangled Blu-ray and HD DVD discs but don’t know what the hell they are or how they are made? Well the crack marketing team over at Imation, the only company in the Americas capable of manufacturing blue-laser recording media, walks you through the “unique manufacturing process, technology and consumer uses of high-definition media” in a video on the front page of its Web site called “Imation: Into the Blue.” I shit you not people. My only wish was that it would include a cartoon disc called Beamer or Ray or Disky, but sadly, no, it’s just some guy taking you on a tour of the cardboard box Imation factory. Still, if you don’t know squat about how a Blu-ray disc is born, it’s worth a view. Plus, there are two versions: a five-minute quicky and a 14-minute extended director’s cut with unrated views of some hot disc-on-machine action.

Imation: Into the Blue [Web site]