Cingular Nokia N75 Self-Important Musicphone In the Wild

That’s not just a Nokia N75 in this photo, that’s a Nokia N75 with Cingular branding. Word on the tubes is that Cingy will be getting this 3G clamshell sometime in November. The N75, spotted here in the wild, is a musicphone, one from the line Nokia insists on calling “multimedia computers”, to which we say “whatevs”.

Sure, it runs Symbian, so you can load all sorts of neato apps onto it, but we’re pretty sure that the preferred nomenclature is “smartphone.” Anyway, the N75 does boast an impressive list of features, such as a 2-megapixel camera, a 320×240 screen, external playback buttons, and a GB of memory (via microSD) included. With the Bluetooth and UMTS built-in, you’ve got a fairly high-end music phone for the American marketplace.

We’re waiting to see what pricing is going to be like but don’t expect to see one of these in your stocking this year unless your last name is Hilton or Ritchie, in which case we pity you, knowing this phone won’t bring you the happiness you want or the fall from fame you deserve.

Nokia N75 in the wild [Howard’s Forums]